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Posted By Thomas L. Buck

Recently I finished this Tsumami-maki work, and as always I wonder if I did an acceptable job, both mechanically as well as aethically speaking...Tsumami-maki by T Buck
In fact, ever since I began my studies under the tutelage of W.M. Takahashi, John Grimmitt and Takahiro Ichinose, I find myself continually comparing my work to modern works by true masters of the art such as Yasuo Toyama.  Here is an example of Mr. Toyama's Tsumami-maki:

Tsumami-maki by Kenji Mishina

And, here are two side-by-side close ups (Toyama's on the left and mine on the right):

Tsumami-maki by Kenji Mishina    Tsumami-maki by T Buck

To you, as a relatively impartial observer, my question is "what do you see?"  What I mean is, from a critical standpoint, what differences or simularities do you see?  Although I am sure both are tight and fully functional, I am not sure how my work performs in aesthetics compared to a true producer of ideal works...

Let me know what you think.  




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