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Posted By Thomas L. Buck

Occasionally I blend colors. Here is a work in progress that's a perfect example... I received the chigai jabara maki ito last week, and with a prepped handle, I measured and began sewing the alternating colors together (purple and white). Then, after making sure everything was going according to plan, I began wrapping the tsuka.

For this project, I am wrapping the tsuka in the Iro Chigai Jabara Maki style (see:

These pics are from when I was just starting, so it may seem kind of rough and the cross overs weren't adjusted or totally secured. Because this is a "delicate" wrap that the client plans on using for practice, as mentioned, I had to stitch/secure the cross-overs to minimize their shifting). Also, on the first cross-over on the ura side, I wove it instead of the regular cross-overs.

Regardless, tell me what you think...

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