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Posted By Thomas L. Buck

Rebuilt Charles Heesh's sword - It has a totally new tsuka/same'/ito, matched and fitted period sets of seppa and shitodome, fitted the tsuba, and put 10 coats of urushi on the new saya... The sageo is still on backorder.

Charles Heesh 01
Charles Heesh 02
Charles Heesh 03
Charles Heesh 04b
Charles Heesh 05

Posted By Thomas L. Buck

For this project there was a slight external delay, I took the liberty of having the menuki gilded then aged, and the menuki look pretty close to old originals now, but the jeweler took a little longer than I expected. I was having some other brass fittings plated/gilded, so I included these with that lot... no extra charge.

As requested by the client, I used old rayskin, and I happened to have an old original gunto eyelet for the kashira. Now all they need is a surate, or tassel loop. Here's a couple of quick snapshots of the prepped tsuka, and after the wrap. Sorry for the photo quality... 

Shingunto Rebuild




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