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Recently, I received two separate questions from the same individual, T. Takahashi in Denmark.  The first was as follows:

I´m about to restore a handle on my katana. How do I remove the old same. I´ve tried to tip a corner of it and carefully lift it, but i´ve haven´t done anything further. I´m afraid that if i just pulled it of it would rip op the wood of the tsuka.  Can you give me an advice?

My response was:

Depending upon the adhesive that was used, I am usually able to removing old same’ by wedging a thin knife or chisel between the wood and skin.  

After removing and replacing the same', he had another problem...

My question now is: I mounted a tsuka with new fuchi and kashira. I had to adapt the tsuka a bit to get the new fuchi to fit. Its a bit longer than the old one. Doing some testwraps I discovered that the mekugi ana was covered by the ito. I can make the hole free if I start the wrap on the oposite side. Is there any examples of tsukawraps that starts on the oposite side?
I want to make it as original as possible.

My response to this was:

Although you have many options, three come to mind immediately. First, you could follow your idea of starting the wrap on the other side, but not if you want to restore the tsuka and stay loyal to tradition. A second option is to change the width of the ito, which would probably shift the cross-overs enough to leave the mekugi-ana uncovered on the side that your are talking about.  Or thirdly, you could simply use the ito that you had been planning to use and insert the in mekugi from the other side. Let me know if any of these appeal to you... 

If anyone else has any better ideas, let me know.

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