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These are two shots of the same blade that was used last summer by the History Channel (see the blog entry for August 2008 ). 

The top one is just after it was used, and the bottom one is just after it came back from the polisher. 



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Tom Buck said...
It depends on the polisher, and the condition of the blade. The term "polish" is misleading, it is more like a super-controlled kind-of grinding / sharpening / sanding / polishing / burnishing process - all at the same time. I think they start out with something like a 60 grit stone, working up to 6000 grit or finer. The polisher reworks each surface, or plane, of the blade separately. This blade has 8 surfaces, or 4 on each side, this includes the tip. A good site to look at is:,process.html
July 18, 2009 10:28:56 AM
Al said...
That's right impressive. How much material gets removed from the blade in that process?
July 18, 2009 01:52:28 AM
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