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Following the theme of paper ito, here is an interesting study piece from our collection.  It combines both lacquered leather (saya), and heavily lacquered paper ito (tsuka).  For a long time I thought both were leather, but upon closer examination I was surprised to find that the tsukamaki in fact has a paper base.

Anyway, here is a description of the mounts:   O-tanto; lacquered paper tsukamaki & lacquered leather sayamaki; fuchi is mixed metals w/ a rising sun & clouds motif; menuki are shakudo w/ frogs on lilly pad motif; tsuba is copper/shakudo w/ silver & gold inlay in a floral motif; silver kozuka with tiger motif.

Koshirae: blade length 33 cm (13") ; over all length 50.8 cm (20")

Here is a closer look at the tsuka. Although in a couple of spots the same' has cracked, and is missing several nodes, over-all the maki is still very tight and solid.

Also, notice how the omote knot above is asymmetrical, this is common on a number of tsukamaki styles, such as (a) Hosojabaraito Kumiage Zuka, (b) Ganpi (Kigami) Maki, and (c) Kami (Hosoyori) Hiramaki Zuka shown below.


Finally, below is a close-up of the Kozuka and Tsuba...  Like most collectors, I love to share.  What do you think?


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