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Just an update on my last post "New Project for Our Collection"; I have done three things with our "new" sword. 

First, I decided to restore, instead of replace, the original tsuka. The break was very clean, and easily repaired; the missing section of wood on the omote side of the wood core was replacec by a laminated insert that I made from several sections of a thin sheet of veneer wood that I was able to cut, stack, and fit into the open section.  In addition, the residual rust deposits from the nakago on the interior of the tsuka  cleaned out nicely (see photos below).  

Below is a fron view of the insert.
Next, I replaced the single seppa with a matching set that I fitted to the blade (see seppa in photo below). 


Finally, I am thinking about replacing the original tsuba (the plain shakudo one on the left in the picture below) with an extra one from our collection that compliments the rest of the mounts in color, theme, and materials (the iron tsuba with gold, silver, and shakudo in-lay on the right). pj

What do you think?  Which tsuba do you think goes best with these mounts?

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LB said...
Definitely the iron with the gold. It fits much better.
August 29, 2009 02:06:13 AM
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