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Just an update on my last post "New Project for Our Collection"; I have done three things with our "new" sword. 

First, last month I sent the blade for a base polish or "cleaning".  Hopefully it will be back by the end of the year. 

Second, I replaced the same' on the tsuka. I choose a relatively bright / clean section with medium to small nodes to contrast with the green ito and gold dragon menuki that my wife picked out (see photo below).sd

And third, I wrapped the tsuka (see photos below).  as

Any questions or comments?  Tell me what you think...

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Roman said...
Why did you make first crossover in tsumami-maki style? The first opening doesn't look similar as the others because of it. In the rest - I wish I'll get enought skill to do something like this some day.
December 4, 2009 03:38:00 PM
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