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Recently I finished this Tsumami-maki work, and as always I wonder if I did an acceptable job, both mechanically as well as aethically speaking...Tsumami-maki by T Buck
In fact, ever since I began my studies under the tutelage of W.M. Takahashi, John Grimmitt and Takahiro Ichinose, I find myself continually comparing my work to modern works by true masters of the art such as Yasuo Toyama.  Here is an example of Mr. Toyama's Tsumami-maki:

Tsumami-maki by Kenji Mishina

And, here are two side-by-side close ups (Toyama's on the left and mine on the right):

Tsumami-maki by Kenji Mishina    Tsumami-maki by T Buck

To you, as a relatively impartial observer, my question is "what do you see?"  What I mean is, from a critical standpoint, what differences or simularities do you see?  Although I am sure both are tight and fully functional, I am not sure how my work performs in aesthetics compared to a true producer of ideal works...

Let me know what you think.  

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Eldon said...
Tom, it is impressive work that you are showing to us here and much appreciated. That being said, I do see some difference though. The masters work appears to have a slight radius to the cord as it crosses over each other making the X. i.e the X has a nice rounded, tight flow in the center. My eye is drawn to this point more than the diamond shape of the ray skin. Is it this tightness of center, the crossing cords that makes it appear slimmer as well as giving that tighter flow!?
September 11, 2012 10:06:44 PM
Mark said...
I'd have to say the teal specimen is a little more bold, the 2 lengthwise guiding strips (?) were made a little bit more narrow, so as to create wider "diamonds". But I may be imagining this, i feel that the brown specimen gives better care to the UNDERNEATH tsumami wraps, so the diamonds look more symmetrical. My (very novice) intuition tells me that the UNDERLYING wraps were more thoroughly hammered in the brown sample, making X's more "fatter" looking, albeit for the OVERLAYING wraps, they both look rather the same. But it is impossible for me not to be biased: i feel that the master's width of "tucking" is tighter, creating crisper and rounder X's. But that is obviously biased, sorry.
January 20, 2012 09:21:55 PM
Craig Clink said...
Other than the new ray skin I cannot see any difference.
November 14, 2011 06:56:10 PM
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