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Recently our collection received a Koto Tachi blade in guilded brass and gold Koshirae, with a copper Tsuba with a guilded edge.  Although the mounts were in relatively good condition, the Ito needed to be replaced, as well as the leather hangers from the Ashi.

As for the blade, it's a 26.5" long, mumei Koto blade (early to mid-1500's) with what seems to be a combination of Gunome-midare ha and Hako- midare ha, and with subtle Fumbari to the shape.
This was a fun project, I hope you enjoy the pics...


Here is a close-up of the Tsuka, notice the Mon Menuki and embroidered silk under the ito.  I should mention that I had to have the silk plates "cleaned" and stablized because of dirt and decay.


Above: notice the two gold Dai seppa & two gold Ko-seppa, as well as the copper Aoi tsuba with the guilded edge.

Below: the floral pattern on the saya is slightly damaged, but is about 90% complete.


Below: a view of the blade...


Below: a couple of pics of the kashira and saya mouth.

new7  new8 

Below:front and back views of the Sageo and Ashi...


Here are some pics of disassembled blade.


And finally, here are a few shots of the blade itself. ..


Anyway, thought I would share... Let me know what you think.

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Hantsuke said...
Wow Tom looks beautiful, à little similar like the one i told you about on the phone just recently :) Very nice indeed, My first impression is maybe Hizen? And maybe, just maybe tadayoshi or Yoshihiro 1 gen or maby even deshi?. But à very big maybe :) Talk to you soon Siencerly Hans
November 20, 2011 04:21:10 PM
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