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liao sword Received a sword with some interesting mounts yesterday... Made in 1943 by "Kaneshige"; the tsuka is wrapped in more of a handachi style; the leather covered lacquered saya has square buttons on the snaps, and a stylized leather kojiri; and, silver plaque on the side that says,

"A captured Japanese sword presented to Staff General Xiao by General Liao YaoXiang of the Nationalist Chinese Army upon his return, September of 1945."

The photo to the left is Staff General Xiao, the recipient of the sword, and the Chinese General who presented the sword, General Liao, was of great significance in the history of Chinese war against japan, as well as the internal civil war which followed WWII. You can read more about him here:

liao sword


Anyway, here are a few photos of the sword:

liao sword
liao sword
liao sword
liao sword

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